Bioethics and the philosophy of medicine

Ethics is an integral part of medicine in the most developed countries. Its urgency comes forward particularly in the recent years when various fields of medicine reveal how exigent it is for them. The Bioethics Committee of the Council of Europe is even legally binding for the member states.

The students in the 2nd year acquire in the course a survay concerning main categories of bioethics and crucial dilemmas of medical decision making. It encompasses basic categories of medical ethics, health and moral competence, conception of health care and scarce resources allocation as well as the doctor patient relationship.

The students in the 3rd year become acquainted with updated information concerning the present state of medical ethics as it is the relationship between doctor and patient, patient's rights, informed consent, experimentation on human beings, meaning of anxiety and fear, pain and suffering, resources allocation yet also some understanding of general concepts and conceptions in ethics belongs to the basic equipment of any dentist. Students will be offered an opportunity to cultivate their capability to distinguish ethical topics from non-ethical ones as well as to approach the motivational background of human conduct. These skills will be applied in autonomous approach to the ethical conflicts and other problems of medical practice.

The students in the 4th year of general medicine acquire besides other themes also experimentation on humans and conundrums associated with transplantations.