Medical psychology and psychotherapy

The education introduce the students into the medical psychology and psychotherapy, they learn the principles of psychological thinking during the contact with patients, they try to reach the basic psychohygienic and social skills which are trained in the form of concrete situations in the medicine. There are practical trainings of communication between the patient and the doctor (the first contact with the patient, anamnestic interview, crisis intervention, information of bad news, psychological influence of dealing with pain etc.).

Course of psychotherapy informs participants about fundamentals of psychotherapy with accent on psychotherapy as an independent interdisciplinary speciality. Participants of the course will be more orientated in various psychotherapeutical approaches to indicate their patients for the appropriate psychotherapeutical care. The understanding of main principles of the therapy by psychological means is pointed out.

The education of medical psychology and psychotherapy enriches the education of biomedical branches within the biopsychosocial paradigm of medicine.