3rd year - lectures and seminars (80296 a 80471)

lectures: U Nemocnice 4, lecture-hall 1.26, 1st floor
    winter semester: Faust house, Karlovo nám. 40 (Charles square), Prague 2.
      group 1,2 in no.15 on 1st floor
      group 3,4,5 in no.11 on 1st floor.
    summer semester: Faust house, Karlovo nám. 40 (Charles square), Prague 2.
      group 1,2 in no.15 on 1st floor
      group 3,4 in no.11 on 1st floor
      group 5 in no.11 on 1st floor.

lectures: winter semester, Mondays at 11am - 12:30am. First lecture 2nd October 2017.
    winter semester:
      group 1,2,3,4,5 - Fridays at 14:30, first meeting on 6th October 2017.
    summer semester:
      group 1,2 - Thursdays at 2:30pm to 4:00pm(first meeting 22th February 2018),
      group 3,4 - Wednesdays at 2:45pm to 4:15pm (first meeting 21th February 2018),
      group 5 -   Tuesdays at 2:30pm to 4:00pm (first meeting 20th February 2018)
For achieving the credit, the active presence in the seminar is needed.

The program of the lectures - winter semester

  1. The aim of health psychology in medicine
  2. The psychological first aid, intervention in crisis, suicidality
  3. Doctor/patient relationship
  4. Psychological care for patients and their families I
  5. Psychological care for patients and their families II
  6. Doctor/patient communication, how to inform about bad news.
  7. Psychosomatics I
  8. Psychosomatics II
  9. Psychosomatics III
10. Emotions and how to influence them by psychological means
11. Psychology of the pain - how to cope
12. Problems of death and dying
13. Psychodiagnostic I
14. Psychodiagnostic II

The program of the seminars - winter semester:

  1. The role of psychology in medicine
  2. Problems of helping professions
  3. Developmental specifics of child as a patient
  4. Role and importance of a family in the treatment of the patient
  5. Principles of comunication with the patient I.
  6. Principles of comunication with the patient II.
  7. Psychological work with pain and anxiety
  8. Psychological aspects of counselling
  9. Basics of psychosomatics I.
10. Basics of psychosomatics II.
11. Introduction to psychopathology
12. Basics of psychodiagnostics
13. Psychic crisis and psychological first aid
14. Issue of suicidality
15. The nature, limits and potential of psychotherapy

The program of the seminars - summer semester:

  1. Rogersian psychotherapy I
  2. Rogersian psychotherapy II
  3. Cognitive-behavioural therapy I
  4. Cognitive-behavioural therapy II.
  5. Origin and development of psychoanalysis
  6. Contemporary psychoanalysis I
  7. Contemporary psychoanalysis II
  8. Gestalt-psychotherapy
  9. Art therapy
10. Satitherapy
11. Psychodrama
12. Transactional psychoanalysis
13. Logo-therapy (V. Frankl)
14. Individual psychology (A. Adler)
15. Analythic psychology (C.G.Jung) and credit

Compulsory literature:

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- Beginning of the contact
- Building
- Burn-out syndrom
- Closing the session
- Explanation and planning
- Gathering information
- Interview
- Psychological approaches to pain
- Psychological ways of dealing with fear and anxiety
- Suicide