4th year (80573)

(the principal teacher of the subject - PhDr. Ing. Ingrid Hanušová, PhD)

Course informs participants about fundamentals of psychotherapy with accent on psychotherapy as an independent interdisciplinary speciality. Participants of the course will be more orientated in the way to lead the psychotherapeutical interview with the patient, to provide short crises intervention and to indicate patients for the psychotherapeutical care.

  • Location: Karlovo nám. 40 (Charles square), Faust house, Prague 2, room no. 11, 1st floor right
  • Time: since Monday till Friday, 8:00am - 12:00am. First meeting:
    • for group 1,2: week from 19th October 2017
    • for group 3,4: week from 16th October 2017
  • The clasificated credit: will be awarded after the examination the next week after the course. The exact term will be settled during the course.
    Common rules for performance of examination.
    Questions for examination (clasificated credit):

The program will be following:

Role of psychotherapy in medicine, indication, forms of psychotherapy, education in psychotherapy, contract with the patient, special psychotherapeutic methods, experiencing, case material
(Summary of the lecture)

Aims in psychotherapy, effective factors, methods used in psychotherapy, psychotherapeutic relationship, case material, orientation to selected psychotherapeutic approaches.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy, basic theoretical models, the process of therapy including behavioural analysis, main application as anxiety disorders, depression and developmental disorders, main applications in phobias, anxiety disorders, depression and personality diorders.

Psychotherapeutic process, child development, case material.

Depth psychology, contemporary psychoanalysis, case material, credit.

Compulsory literature:

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Recommended literature:

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